The MICRESS® team has the pleasure to announce an upcoming MICRESS® training. The goal of the tutorial is to help students and researchers from the field of computational materials science to get started with microstructure simulations. Training participants will be introduced by experts in the field to the use of MICRESS® in order to gain hands-on experience that can directly be applied to their own research. The training will be held online. All lectures will be held via WebEx Training, giving participants the ability to configure and run their own MICRESS® simulation during multiple practical exercises. Therefore, there will be no need to have an own MICRESS® installation or license file.

Scientists from both academia and industry are encouraged to register for the training. Participation in the event is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 30 per group. Please limit registration to a maximum of two participants per institution.

System requirements: A standard browser is sufficient to login to the sessions and follow the presentations. But a Windows system and joining the training with the WebEx App is necessary to participate to the hands-on sessions. During login portable versions of the WebEx Meeting app and WebEx AnyConnect client will be installed.

Group A Mar 11th and 12th, 2024 from 3 pm to 10 pm (UTC+1)

(recommended for participants from America and Europe)

Group B Mar 14th and 15th, 2024 from 9 am to 4 pm (UTC+1)

(recommended for participants from Asia and Europe)



Please feel encouraged to complete the following pre-training tasks to be best prepared for the training event.

Task 1
  10 mins

Watch MICRESS Phenomenology Part 1 to get an introduction into thermodynamics.

Watch MICRESS Phenomenology Part 2 to get an introduction into diffusion and kinetics.

Watch MICRESS Phenomenology Part 3 to get an introduction into multi-phase-field modelling.

Watch MICRESS at work to learn about coupling of thermodynamics and phase-field-modelling.

Task 5
  8 mins

Watch MICRESS Post-Processing Overview to get an overview of common tools for MICRESS post-processing.

Watch DP_MICRESS Post-Processing Basic Introduction to learn about the features and operational use of DP_MICRESS.

Download and install DP_MICRESS.

Download the following MICRESS simulation examples.

Open each of the examples with DP_MICRESS and inspect the corresponding output.